Welcoming the Full Moon {Lunar Eclipse} in Leo


On February 10th, 2017 we were able to witness not only a Full Moon in Leo, but also a Lunar Eclipse! This astral happening becomes a unique and vital moment for the significance it carries. Alongside my The Cosmic Heart Collective, I was able to host a Full Moon Gathering & Tea Ceremony that consisted of everything this moon had to offer; moments of self-love, transformation, and re-energizing of the creative and juicy senses.

On this night, we created cleansing sage bundles and bath soaks with herbal gifts from the Earth, as a medium of creation for clarity as we progress into the year. With a full heart and a blissed out mind – I am so grateful for all of the lovely beings that came to share this space with us in this pivotal time within the radical inner space! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!


What Does the Full Moon in Leo & Lunar Eclipse Mean for Me?

This moon is a playful and invigorating moon that reminds us that we truly make our own destiny. Regardless of the element of surprise and spontaneity it seems to provide, we do have a say in how we reach each destination. It is at this time, that we have leverage to let go of the past and roar from the depths of Leo. This is because Leo shows us a path of juicy, courage abundance, and in the presence of an eclipse, we are blessed with clarity to pursue these ventures we didn’t have the courage to journey on before. Why? Because an eclipse exposes us to both sides of the spectrum: the light and dark, the full & empty, the intention and the surrender.

With this astral pairing, we are able to breakthrough the grey matter, the fog, and the darkness, and launch ourselves in full force with the ultimate goals of shedding our baggage, utilizing creativity, and tending to self care, and giving in the medium of compassion and love.

It’s Okay to Love Ourselves First

Leo: “It’s okay. It’s okay to show who we are. It’s okay to practice self love. It’s okay to show what you’ve got and stand up for what you believe in.”

This is the time to make long awaited and much needed changes as Leo guides us into the light with a new foundation. If you know any Leo’s (if you think you don’t, know that I am one!) their dominant traits reflect that of: pride, loyalty, generous love, and expression. The moon allows not only Leo, but the other signs as well, to adapt to the ever changing world with these dominant traits. So what happens next? Try out this checklist:

  • Write down all of your aspirations for the year.
    • Your creativity in this time is heightened. These can happen now!
  • Take a day to practice self-care and self-love.
    • Flaunt what you’ve got, pat yourself on the back, and this crazy thing we call life? You. Got. This.
  • Write down the darknesses and negative emotions you’ve had.
    • …and let go. Throw it in the trash. This is your break up, this is your closure, as Leo opens new doors for you.
  • Cleanse yourself.
    • Take time to meditate on everything you love. Take a bath. Burn some sage. Go for a run. It’s time to start fresh.
  • Give love and receive love boundlessly.
    • Leo’s are known to give endless amounts of loyalty and love and receive the same in return. That’s okay. Learn to receive the blessings that you may not have been able to see clearly before. Love fully, love compassionately, and love honestly.

Life Happens Only in the Now

Listen carefully, act on intuition, and really tune into what your heart and mind are trying to marry because they are on the right track. We are called now into our own inner sacred spaces in order to find and realize our inner commitments and truths. Once we find these, we are able to bring it in full bloom into the beautiful world around us.

Got a project you’ve been planning? It’s time to start. Been stuck in a rut? You’ve found your escape. Feeling tired and exhausted? It’s okay to take a day to love yourself first.

…for this is the time that we revitalize, refresh, invigorate, renew, begin, create, recover, and break through.

Your time is now.

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