Tools for Getting Mindful, Organized, and Happy for New Years 2017


The start of a new year is a pivotal point for launching yourself into new beginnings, new projects, new resolutions. Essentially, this is your time for all that, “New Year, New Me,” jazz, and I say EMBRACE IT! In numerology, 2016 equated to be a “9 year,” meaning it signifies the end of an era. Which means, this is the time to empty your bucket and let go of what does not serve you. 2017 on the other hand, is a “1 year,” which means we’re in for a great journey. A “1” in numerology represents doing, it represents producing results, creating pathways, starting projects, and embarking on new beginnings.

All of those challenges, strifes, problems, and conflicts that you may have seen in 2016? It’s time to let go. This is your time to change your vantage point! From the ground level, problems may look scary and intimidating, but with a little change of perspective, these problems can shrink infinitely. Embody a bird in flight, or maybe you’re in a plane, and look at your problems from a bird’s eye view. With that sudden switch of a vantage point, problems begin to shrink, just as people, cars, buildings, and plots of land seem so small and faraway at such a great height.

So with that in mind, let’s just say that this year is the year to get the ball rolling, let go of your struggles, and move forward. Get organized. Get happy. Get passionate.


Mind Tools: Resolutions VS Intentions

Set Intentions

Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions. It’s time to let go of the statements we never keep and forget the resolutions that last for 3 days and bounce back in full backfire on the 4th.

Let’s set some intentions for the New Year instead! Try these on for size:

Repeat after me – “I am…”

  • Passionate
  • Driven
  • Happy
  • Emotional
  • Loving
  • Adventurous
  • Grateful
  • …the list goes on and on!

What are you, or what will you be this year? (and maybe fo’ life!)


Meditation. I still find this extremely difficult in times when my brain is cluttered with stress, lists, and everything else on the face of the Earth. But I promise you, with the help of a nifty app, or even a calming playlist or youtube video (ocean waves are great), you are one step closer to reaching meditative, peace-of-mind bliss. Use this time to really appreciate yourself, open your mind, and relax. I recently watched a, “How I Met Your Mother Episode,” where Tracy told Robin that three deep breaths can change everything. It can.


Organization Tools: Passion Planner

**This post is in no way sponsored by Passion Planner**

This year, I’m using my Passion Planner to get all my ducks in a row.

I love my Passion Planner because it embodies everything I’ve ever wanted in my nerdy need for organization. Growing up, I always loved the ideas of planners but I would purchase one, use it for three months, and completely forget about it. I can’t even begin to tell you how many I bought because I thought they were cute with the intention, “I’m going to use it, this time.” Passion Planner is different. It is the game-changer.

It feels amazing to be able to organize your life, create lists, cross off “to-do’s,” – and when you can do it in style? Why not. Passion Planners have designated spaces (if you’d like to use them of course) to prioritizing goals, time slots for appointments and events, space for monthly reflections, and whimsical & quirky notes on nearly each page. Not to mention the abundant blank and grid sheets in the back – I use those for anything and everything. I’m inspired just using it!

I’m addicted. I love putting plans into my planner. And I’l admit it – I’ll break down tasks into tons of smaller tasks so that I can make lists that I know I can cross off. It’s very satisfying, give it a try. I also have been finding myself making plans and then getting so excited because I can put it in my planner. And finally, there is so much space to doodle in this thing. It’s therapeutic!


Happiness Tools: 52 Lists for Happiness

**This post is in no way sponsored by Moorea Seal/52 Lists for Happiness**

I received this cutesy book, the 52 Lists for Happiness as a gift from a friend. This book is a vessel for weekly journaling and inspiration for positivity, balance, and joy. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but its stimulating and relaxing! At least for me, that is. With all the mind noise of workloads, stress, and other such clutter, this book provides me with an outlet to release. You know how adult coloring books seem to be on the rise? This is my version of the adult coloring book.

Every week, this book gives you a list prompt such as:

  • List everything that makes you happy right now.
  • List the things that you like to do that don’t involve technology.
  • List the best opportunities others have given you throughout your life.
  • … the “list” goes on! (see what I did there?)

What’s especially unique about this book however is the fact that it isn’t just a book of lists. After each list, you are prompted with a thought-provoking question related to the list you just completed. Some of us want to journal, but don’t know what to journal about! This book gives you easy prompts to do all year! The prompts promote a strong aura of positivity, of gratitude, of happiness, of appreciation – and if you’re someone who needs this kind of push and inspiration from time to time, I highly recommend!

Writers, List-Makers, and anyone and everyone who is willing to give this a try, here is your “coloring book.”

What tools are you using for the New Year?

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