How to Take Your Wellness Practice On The Road

The allure of traveling to each and every corner of the world is rooted in both strong desire and impulse – this is what we call, “wanderlust.” With so many beautiful places to see and be, who wouldn’t want to wander? Traveling, while it is so rewarding to fulfill this inherent desire, can take a toll on the body and mind from endless movement, long layovers, and anxiety of not having a place to stay for the next week. So how do we keep our physical and mental health in check once we hit the road?

We take our wellness and yoga practices on the road with us! (Yes! It’s possible!)

Travel Essentials for the Modern Yogi

Whether you’re a yogi, an energy worker, an herbalist, whatever you may be, you need to make sure you have your travel essentials that will help keep you mindful, happy, and comfortable during your trip.

What to Bring:

A Travel Yoga Mat – What would a trip be without your yoga practice? Pack a light mat like the Manduka eKO SuperLite Mat (can you believe it’s only two pounds) or a personal favorite eco-conscious mat – a Mat from Mello Mae and you’ll be set to stop, drop, and yoga at any place, any time without extra bulk!

A Yoga Mat Bag – Our KusKat Eco Dye Eucalyptus Yoga Mat Bag is a great way to stow and carry your yoga mat. In addition to the natural dye, what makes it even better is the original giraffe illustration embroidered directly onto the bag. How cute!

A Reusable Water Bottle – Water can get expensive at airports and tourist hubs. I personally love Hydroflask and MyDanielGlass to keep my water contained. Escape the extra fees by finding filtered water refill stations or even bring your own purifier.

Your Favorite Essential Oils/Incense Scents – Essential oils and incense cones are tiny and great for revitalizing your senses and elevating your yoga practice. Why not tote along a few great mood boosters or focus enhancers? Note: For incense burning, please be courteous of your surroundings and try to only burn for a short period of time, outdoors and attended (out of respect for the space). If you have a space where you can do this openly, by all means, burn away!

A Device Full of Podcasts – What’s great about technology nowadays is the fact that we can download information to take along with us for later when we’re craving some knowledge but are far from wi-fi. I love ActiveCultureFamily‘s Starseed Survival Guide hosted by Erin Rivera Merriman.
Download new episodes of your favorite podcasts to stimulate the mind on a long trip.


Practicing Wellness On The Road

With your essentials packed and ready, it’s time to prepare for maintaining a healthy state of mind during your journey. When we’re traveling for long periods of time, the mind space can become cluttered, anxious, overstimulated, or even lonely! By exercising wellness practices during trips like these, we are giving ourselves the gift of peace of mind. This is so essential when experiencing new places, meeting new people, and learning new things.

Here are a few mental wellness tips to keep you going:

  • Morning Meditations – Take at least 15 minutes in the beginning of your day to set intentions, check in with your mind, or even just focus on breathing. Meditation practices can help promote relaxation and happiness.
  • Use Extra Time to Stretch – Whether it be a 4 hour layover, a quiet evening in your hotel – take the extra time to stretch! You brought your yoga mat for a reason right? Keep your circulation going and muscles limber by engaging in your yoga practice on your downtime. This won’t only keep your body active, but physical activity is great for releasing happy brain chemicals – endorphins and serotonin!
  • Get Lots of Rest – It’s okay to want to run around and explore everything you can as soon as you get to a new destination. But what is absolutely essential is that you get proper amounts of rest. Sleep is the period of time that your body repairs itself – please give it the time to do so. It’ll help your body functioning the way its supposed to function!

Now that you’ve got the tools and equipment you need to take your wellness practice on the road – do so with passion! If it’s time to get out and explore – do so with an open mind. But most of all, enjoy your explorations by being present and savoring the moment. As St. Augustine relayed with great wisdom, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

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