Why You Should Support Small Businesses

I absolutely love small businesses.

I’m always conspiring with my best friends about beginning small businesses. One of our biggest dreams is a cutesy little store with handmade accessories & trinkets, home decor, custom prints & stationary – with a bakery and coffee shop next door, and lots and lots of plants! (Bigger dreams would be to become a yoga teacher, and own a studio right on top. Or live in a loft above! The loft has nothing to do with small business, but a girl can dream.)

So why should you support a small business?

Because, I believe that’s how they all began. They started as dreams and ideas or hobbies and perfections of crafts. People make small businesses for the things that they love and the things that they are good at. So why not support your neighbor in their creations?

Reasons To Support Small Businesses

  1. Improve the Local Economy
    When you buy local, more of the money you spend stays in the community! It supports the small business owners and their families, it supports the shop. Often times, small businesses will patronize other small businesses. Small businesses may get their products also locally, or will create their products will locally purchased materials. Larger businesses tend to outsource to make their products. Instead, we can shop local, and support the trend.
  2. Promote a Unique Community
    Small businesses are often related to the craft of the owner and every owner is different. When we patronize small businesses, we support their growth as well as the fuel for other small businesses to begin. The opportunities for different vendors and artisans is endless! From clothing and jewelry to cheeses and candles, uniqueness is sure to rise, and be preserved.
  3. Know The People Who Made Your Product
    How amazing is it to be able to purchase from people you know? I would love to be friends with the people who made my clothes, who made the decor in my home. There’s a sense of transparency that makes purchasing the product that much better. I have a better chance of knowing how it’s made and I can celebrate and show gratitude to the person who made it.
  4. Improve Your Health
    When you shop locally grown foods, you’re often getting fresher, tastier products that often times, aren’t treated with hormones or antibiotics. The farmer’s market is a great place to support your local businesses. Learn more about why you should support your local farmer’s market here.

What are your favorite small businesses?

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