Why You Should Support Your Local Farmer’s Market

Eat local. Support your farmers.

No this isn’t sponsored. I just really like Farmer’s markets. Plus who doesn’t like fresh fruit? And also farmer’s markets usually have at least one really cool non-food vendor with some swanky natural stuff you can buy.

On a day to day basis, it’s hard to always purchase your groceries ahead of time. Dining out is so easy and delicious so the temptation is there, and its so very real. But when you can, buy those groceries – and IF you can, buy them locally!

Benefits of Eating Local

Being in San Diego, I know we’ve got a very special mecca of over 6,000 farmers working to make our agriculture great. Agriculture is everywhere, and in some places more than others! Take advantage. Here’s some of the benefits of living out the local life.

Fresh Produce = Quality Flavor
In a Farmer’s Market, the produce and products you find will always be ever changing. Why? Because these items are seasoned. Foods that are harvested in season are more often than not, the freshest and best tasting foods you can get. This is because the Farmer’s don’t have to travel far or ship the foods, and they can be harvested in their prime and delivered as soon as the next Farmer’s market is on (which is usually weekly). Many farmer’s are vendors at multiple farmer’s markets through out the week. These foods aren’t sitting on a truck, they’re not stored for long, and instead they are delivered fresh for the pickin’. Fresh taste, quality flavor. That’s what it’s all about. It’ll make your cooking taste better, I promise.

Promote Better Treatment of Animals
At Farmer’s Markets, animal products and animal by-products often come from animals that are raised without hormones and and antibiotics. These animals are usually treated with care and quality, eating and grazing natural diets catered to their kind. Support these farmers. If you’re a vegetarian, for animal reasons, you know what I mean. Be kind to animals. If you love bacon, a good steak, whatever, be thankful for that animal for nourishing you – and also find comfort in knowing that it lived a comfortable, natural life.

Why You Should Support Your Local Farmer's Market | Om in Bloom | Conscious Living Lifestyle Blog

Benefits of Shopping Local

Creating a Sense of Community 
Who doesn’t want to feel a part of a community? It’s a wonder to know your farmers, know where your food or products came from. To know the very farm itself. Shopping and eating locally creates relationships on a neighborhood scale. Plus, how good would it feel to know your farmer by name? It’s like having a friend or neighbor who has produce right in their backyard who is happy to share!

Help the Environment
When you shop and eat locally, you and your food travels less! Think about the gas used and the emissions discharged from your food traveling for hundreds of miles to get to your local grocery store. When you shop locally, not only does your support go to farmers that are within means of your area – but you’re supporting a movement that isn’t filled with preservatives, traffic, and air pollution.

These are just a few, but very great reasons to shop and eat locally! Because well, why not!

Why You Should Support Your Local Farmer's Market | Om in Bloom | Conscious Living Lifestyle Blog

San Diego Farmer’s Markets

Some of my favorite Farmer’s Markets to visit:

  • Ocean Beach Farmer’s Market – Wednesdays from 4PM-7PM(8PM in the summer)
    I love Ocean Beach. It’s like a Sublime album cover in real life. I love the people, the vibes, the beach, and the grit. It’s all great. Plus they’ve always got yummy food vendors to grab some snackage from while you shop around! They’ve got delicious foods, and there’s usually at least one home made dessert vendor there! Yum! I especially love checking out the loose, comfy clothing vendors. Exactly my style.
  • North Park Farmer’s Market – Thursdays from 3PM-7PM
    I love North Park too! It’s not like a Sublime album. It’s more like a Strokes album. Or anything from the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack. Either way, there’s always great produce and beautiful flowers. I love the home made products I see here. There are usually delicious smelling local candles, soaps, and lotions!
  • Pacific Beach Farmer’s Market – 2pm-7pm
    I’m thinking Pacific Beach is more like a… Beach Boys album or King of the Beach, by Waaves. I can’t really think of anything else but beach cruisers and bars when I think of PB, but that’s close enough! Not only does this market have great produce, great products, and fun food vendors – but it’s literally blocks away from the beach. I say, grab some grub and head to the beach or the boardwalk for some fun after. Or vice versa! Make. It. Happen.

Check out a full list of Farmer’s Markets HERE.

Happy (local) shopping!

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