How I Took A Meditation Trip Through Dance

PASACAT Extravaganza 2016

I dance for a beautiful Philippine dance company, PASACAT, and we’re preparing for one of the biggest, most unique shows we’ve put on to date. However, that will only ever be an understatement because this year, we’ve got maybe less than half the cast we normally have for shows like this. This year, we have ONLY 15 strong, beautiful, and talented artists of song and dance.
With 12 dancers, and 3 musicians so far, we are creating, what I think to be one of the most pivotal, emotional, and striking shows that I have ever had the privilege to be involved with. I may be biased because I am a part of this show, but I am completely enthralled and enamored by the beauty and positive, positive energy we have created. And after nearly 13 hours of shooting photos for our new program, learning new songs for our choral arrangement for the show, and running through the dances we’ve completed thus far, I reached a new point of inspiration and a new love for dance.

How I Traveled In My Meditation

Now, for the real meat of this post – my meditation trip through dance.  After the photoshoot and choral practice, the energy in the room was nothing short of low, bleak, and heavy. We’ve been practicing for this show for nearly a month straight now, and many of us were being pushed to a mental breaking point of exhaustion.
We were asked to warm up on our own for about 20-30 minutes, because to follow was to run through the entirety of the show that we have finished so far. After our warmup, our assistant choreographer, Matt, asked us to ease into meditation before we began the dance day. This is where I traveled. In the span of maybe 10 minutes or less, I had explored my mind for days. It ended in me bawling my face off because I had reached places in my mind that I haven’t in a very long time.
When sharing this moment of sheer and utter emotion with my dance group, I felt as well that others in the room had felt an energy also. This energy, I knew most people in the room began to connect and resonate with. It was a vibration of energy that moved so suddenly and intensely – I knew a shift in the room had occurred, and it occurred hard.

The Experience of My Meditation

I don’t really know much else of how to explain my meditation trip but through this excerpt I had shared with my dance family:
I know the day we shared today was long and hard. (That’s what she said.) I never like to say things like this out loud because I cry and get emotional and stuff. I’ll really been practicing a lot of conscious thought and self exploration, meditation being very important in that journey.
In my meditation practice, I think it makes it easier to be absorbed into the inner mind by exploring flight.
Whether it’s as a bird or as a separate entity from your body, feel the lift from your physical self, and soar over whatever you please. I imagine in the way that squares of grass look from a plane. To seemingly endless oceans and dunes of desert sand, I imagine vast spaces. They are parallel to the mind.  It’s like my own visual metaphor bringing me to a space where I’m moved to face all of my inner thoughts.
Of course, I’m always in turmoil over my inner thoughts and perspective on the world, making the world feel heavy, making the problems bigger. But what comes with soaring, is I’m able to reach my freedom. I was on a path to finally settling at a pure moment where I can feel inner peace. Even if it’s just for a few moments, the moment is real, and the moment is there. This is what makes me emotional, and this journey makes my meditation compete.
Crazy what can happen in under 10 minutes.
Okay so besides that mini meditation lesson, I just wanted to say I really FELT all of you in the room with me today. We were sharing the dance floor, and sharing a purpose. I really felt the show today. I felt our beauty, and I felt a feeling that I haven’t felt in a long while.
Angel and I and Dom were talking last night about why we can’t give our connection to the audience. Why we can’t give the emotion we may or may not be missing.
I’m inspired. I think now we can do it. 🙂

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