Love, Sex, and Venus Retrograde: What This Means for the Inner Goddess


The word “retrograde,” has been a buzzword lately for all us cosmic beings. More commonly however, this retrograde is referred to in the sense of Mercury retrograde, which rules primarily over communication.

From March 4-April 15th, we will be experiencing Venus retrograde, and this friends, will affect love, intimate relationships, friendships, money, beauty, sex appeal. The list goes on, but you get the idea.

So what does this mean for us and our inner goddess? Our Venus signs are turning but not so in the way you’d think.

What Happens During Venus Retrograde in 2017

During this Venus retrograde Venus begins to move through Aries, where she isn’t particularly comfortable. She’d much rather be in loving, pleasurable signs like Taurus – but instead is moving through a fiery Aries. For us, this means that matter fueled by Venus may appear to be more challenging. Sexuality, pleasure, self-love, romantic and platonic relationships, money, beauty may seem to be difficult tasks.

But don’t freak out yet – retrograde is a time for reflecting, slowing down, recalling lessons learned, and utilizing the past to power through the present and future.

So when you’re suddenly arguing with your loved one more often, finding that your skin isn’t as luminous, your friends haven’t been around lately, sex isn’t that good, or your money seems to go faster than it comes – slow. down.

Take a second to breathe and remember that this Venus retrograde is here to remind you that you know how to deal with these things. You know exactly what to do, you’re in the right place at the right time – you are exactly where you need to be. This is a time for learning, reflecting, and turning our attention to what is most important – ourselves.


Inner Goddess Healing

This. Is. The. Time. For. You. You may be feeling like something is putting out your fire during this time. That’s simply just Venus saying that you need some time for YOU. In terms of love, allow yourself to be neutral in this time. This retrograde is temporary, and you have the strength to keep your existing relationships aflame. In terms of money and luxury, be cautious and careful in this time. Have you been over spending? In terms of beauty and sexuality, turn inwards this time. While the Venus air is uncomfortable or frustrated, exterior experiences and actions may be not what you expect. Take some time for repairing the self and paying attention to personal needs.

Venus rules over a very powerful, divine feminine energy – so pick up what she’s laying down. So how do we deal with Venus retrograde? Take moments to break away and make time to do some inner healing on your divine feminine, your inner goddess, your Shakti force.

You’ve done so much spiritual traveling, emotional wellness searching, project starting and relationship building in the past few months with the Full Moons in Cancer and Leo. It’s time for some “me” time.

Here are a few simple ideas:

  • Meditate – Meditate on who you are and what you seek. What do you want? Where do you feel your fire is dampened?
  • Manifest – Manifest the energy you want to harness. Whether it be writing it down, saying it aloud, meditating on it, or setting intentions in dance, cleansing, self-love – manifest the energy you want to feel.
  • Retreat – This means a few things: Retreat for yourself by showing yourself a mini vacation of self love. Do something pleasurable. -OR- If you find yourself in conflict, play the peacemaker at this time, walk away and reflect, find a calm resolution.
  • Experiment – Yes ladies, if you’ve always wanted to try a Yoni egg – this is the time. If you’ve wanted to experiment in your self exploration of the mental or physical, do so. That book you’ve always wanted to read? Read it. In other senses, this is also a time to mend relationships. It may seem like this time is tumultuous for relationships, but while it is a time of conflict, it is also a time of making up.
  • Recall – Try to stray from doing anything crazy and impulsive under the Venus Retrograde. This means no crash diets, don’t sell all your stuff that you suddenly hate, and think deeply before making big decisions. Recall mistakes from the past and learn from them. How can you improve your mental and physical state based on actions of the past? This can be as simple as drinking more water or not having to win the argument. It can be as simple as remembering that without darkness, there is no light.


Self-Love and Cautious Steps

So Goddesses, please take some time to turn your attention inwards in all realms of pleasure, sexuality, beauty, money, and luxury. Be extra cautious in your impulses, as this is a time where your values and perspective in these matters may be altered. Practice some self-love – because when Venus comes out of her retrograde, you’ll be Venus direct in full force in some beautiful feminine energy. I like to think of it as a feminine rebirth from all of my retrograde self-love preparation.

My inner goddess bows to your inner goddess.

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