How to Keep Your Indoor Succulents Alive

I used to be an indoor succulent killer, and sometimes I still am.

You’re either thinking one of two things:

  1. How TF do you kill a succulent

This post is for the latter. And it’s also for myself, because I’m like 30/30/40 with my indoor succulents. 30% of the time, I go all out and care for them carefully like they were my own spawn. Another 30% of the time, I get busy with other things and forget they exist – but most of the time, they’re okay with that. Just not for too long. And 40% of the time – I’m guilty. I over care for them and kill them. *But I just love them so much*

Outdoor succulents are a whole ‘nother ball game. We’ll talk about that another time!

Keep Your Indoor Succulents Alive | Om in Bloom | San Diego Lifestyle Blog

Some of my succulent babies & nifty things to plant them in – all from Kobey’s Swap Meet

5 Tips To Keep Your Indoor Succulents Alive

  1. Give. Those. Babies. SOME SPACE!
    If you’re like me, I think that all succulents can be treated the same and bunched together in a cute little pot or terrarium. Wrong. First of all, not all succulents are necessarily good for surviving the indoors. I like haworthia (zebra plants), aloe, some echeverias, and panda plants (the soft fuzzy ones).
  2. Don’t over water them.
    Succulents like to be dry. They don’t like to sit in water. No matter what anyone says, don’t over water them. They WILL rot. During dry times, I’d say lightly water your plants about once every week, or every two weeks if it isn’t too hot.
  3. Make sure your drainage system is on point!
    But ensure they have a good drainage system and the plant or the roots aren’t soaked or sitting in water. Soil should be close to near dry by the time you water them next. I’ve found that it helps to place rocks under soil, in addition to the vessel having proper drainage holes. The rocks help to keep roots out of the water.
  4. Put them in proper soil.
    One thing I’m horrible at is repotting my plants. Don’t keep them in their little plastic containers you buy them in. They need some room to grow and the right soil to grow in. At your local gardening store or home improvement store, more times than not you can find some soil made just for succulents or cacti. This soil is quick to drain and probably has some great nutrients for your liddo plant babies.
  5. Give them some good ol’ vitamin D.
    I like to place indoor succulents in well lit areas in my home – like my windowsill, or well (naturally) lit space near a window. Or on a shelf that gets good natural light. Basically, make sure they get some good in-direct sun. You can place them outside for a bit as well, just not too long. You’ve babied these guys. These indoor succys won’t appreciate the direct sunlight beating down on them.

All in all, experiment. All succulents are different. Play around with different types, different soil, different amounts of light. Good luck!

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