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sojourn healing collective san diego yoga reiki massage wellness

I am so excited to announce that I was able to sit down with Whitney & Melanie of Sojourn Healing Collective – a brand new wellness hub and holistic community to come to San Diego next month! Check out the interview below to learn more about these cosmic founders and their mission with Sojourn.

About Sojourn Healing Collective in San Diego

What inspired you to begin Sojourn Healing Collective?

With so many practitioners with their own private practices, we realized that our clients were traveling to so many different locations for healing sessions (reiki, massage, chiro, acupuncture, yoga classes, etc). We wanted to bring everyone together under one roof to create accessibility for healing the mind, body and soul. Coming together as a collective has heightened the awareness of (w)Holistics where we promote a safe and happy environment with open arms to all people from various walks of life.

What is your main mission?

We are a supportive community of gifted healers, teachers and students of life; inspiring truth and self realization in one another. With Sojourn‘s unique extension of the traditional yoga experience, we combine physical movement and restoration with alternative healing techniques (yoga, meditation, reiki, massage, intuition, nutrition, chiro, acupuncture…list goes on). Clearing creates Clarity where we can then guide participants to realize their greatest potential from within.

Who is welcome to your space?

All people from all walks of life. The more the merrier.
sojourn healing collective san diego yoga reiki massage wellness

An Interview With Melanie Esperon

What began your wellness journey?

I have been clairvoyant since a kid. Growing up, I would sporadically share the gift of sight but for the most part, society wasn’t open to receiving so I stayed quiet. As I reached my 20’s, I lived a foreseen tragedy of a love passing away and headed rock bottom quick.
To rise, I did a lot of self healing and started to recognize my most authentic self: Healer. Open Channel. Guide.
With divine timing, teachers appeared into my life where I was able to truly understand who I was and what I was meant for…mastering Reiki and continually growing with meditation and intuition, Reiki Room San Diego was then born (est 2012) where the sharing of gifts was well received. Family and Friends joined in on the business venture and I was later introduced to Whitney where her vision of Sojourn Healing Collective came to fruition…bringing us and our most favorite practitioners together.

What are you hoping to accomplish by sharing your gifts/skills?

I want to make it known that Everyone is gifted. It just depends how much you tap in and how far you are willing to grow. I am hoping to teach and heal as many people as I can, sharing my personal experiences and the tools I have learned along the way…Overall, helping people unveil their truest selves. In turn, they go out into the world and become teachers for those who are drawn to them. Everything is two-fold. Learn and Teach. It’s an infinite cycle.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself continuing my private sessions with even more clients, sharing my first published book and training more people around the world in reiki, intuition, meditation and yoga. I also see Sojourn Healing Collective opening a second location. Spreading our love globally.
sojourn healing collective san diego yoga reiki massage wellness

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

Growing up in a creative family, I was singing and dancing right out of the womb…straight family circus. lol. Most people think I am super extroverted b/c I grew up on stage performing but the people closest to me understand that I am actually very private and introverted. My most favorite day would be at the beach alone or with my significant other reading, writing or in the water.

How would you spend your last day on Earth?

Hanging with my family and closest friends with bomb food, talkin story, music, dancing, singing, laughing by the water. That is truly what my heart beats for.

An Interview With Whitney Yarnall

What began your wellness journey?

I began my wellness journey after a personal tragedy during high school nudged me off my tracks into several heavy years of depression, pain and self-destruction. I slowly began the journey of self-healing at age 19, for the first time really beginning to explore and understand my intuitive gifts and became interested in a variety of healing modalities such as; Ayurveda, Meditation, Reiki, and Yoga.

Yoga took the forefront, helping me to heal body, mind and soul simultaneously. However, every additional healing practice became like an extension of the yoga experience, helping me to heal even more deeply. During this entire transition I became recognized for my knowledge of different healing modalities.

Others came to me seeking information, advice, or connection to another healer. In 2014, a solo vacation to California pulled me to visit San Diego. Upon arriving, I was sold on the ocean, sunshine and lifestyle. I returned to NYC where I was living, quit my job and made arrangements to move, certain that everything would work itself out. Once in San Diego, I found my tribe of healers. I began to understand the need for collaboration, accessibility, and community. So, in 2016 I founded Sojourn Healing Collective. Within Sojourn, I am the Collective’s Community Director; leading and developing the community’s healers and members. I lead Yin Yoga classes and offer private sessions for Chakra Balancing, Spiritual Mentoring, Reiki and Flower Essence Therapy. Ripples create waves and healers create change. When we heal ourselves, we play a part in healing the world.

What are you hoping to accomplish by sharing your gifts/skills?

I hope to spread my passion for self healing with as many people as I can possibly reach. I strive to assist in the development of other healers and have Sojourn act as a platform for their growth, enabling us all to spread healing to as many people as possible throughout our lifetimes. To create a community filled with loving people and healing tools that allow everyone to live the most authentic and meaningful life possible.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself spreading Sojourn‘s mission even further out into the world through additional locations within the US. Within my personal life, starting a family and teaching my little ones all about our family’s mission!

sojourn healing collective san diego yoga reiki massage wellness

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

A lot of people do not know about my journey to San Diego. Before arriving in San Diego, I worked as a Suite Sales Manager at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC, selling the top floor suites upwards of $10,000 per night….I wore a full suit to work every day. I moved to San Diego on a whim, without a job or a single family member or friend. Merely through an intuitive pull to this city, I packed up my car and drove cross country. Here I am 3 years later teaching yoga and building a healing community!

How would you spend your last day on Earth?

I would spend the day in my family’s old cabin in MA with my loved ones, telling stories and reminiscing on all of the people who we helped collectively through Sojourn‘s existence.

Learn more about Sojourn here.

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