Endless Summer

I love looking at old photos. Now that it’s peak summer time, I was scrolling through some saved photos and came across photos from last year’s trip to Lake Cuyamaca with a group of some of my closest friends.

We combined my birthday and my friend Dominic’s birthday, rented a couple cabins, and brought all the necessities: food, water, beer, and liquor. And more beer and liquor. And if I remember correctly, I’m pretty sure we had to drive into town to get more beer. And for the people who are reading this, if you weren’t there, you might not know who any of the people are that I’m about to reference, but imagination goes a long way.

I was thinking about it now, like, damn – even though we were mostly drunk the entire weekend, it was one of the funnest weekends I had in awhile because everyone left their egos, their stresses, their workloads, and problems at home.

As simple as it sounds, I don’t know how better to explain it than, we just ate all the food, drank all the drinks, listened to good music, and just enjoyed ourselves. We played pranks on each other, played camping games outside (kuub?) until it was dark out. One light on the side of the cabin got swarmed with so many bugs, we had to run past just to avoid being in the middle of the bunch.

When the sun set, some how the night turned into a jam session, starting with an acoustic version of Khia’s My Neck, My Back by myself, and  Angel. We dedicated it to Gemma and Matt for some real good advice for their future honeymoon.

Jake, being his frenchie self, was dying from the heat and we had to put him in an open cooler just to get him comfortable. In the day time, the beer pong games never ended. Half of us were yelling at the top of our lungs playing 7/11 doubles. And somehow the night time jam session moved from indie songs, to slow jams, and somewhere in the mix, the national anthem for I don’t know why.

We woke people up with shots, Pom forgot to turn the stove on when he was cooking breakfast, and Geoff and I made bloody mary’s that were too strong in the best way.

I’m feeling all sorts of sentimental, and it’s mostly because looking at old photos, listening to folk music and drinking tea has got me feelin’ some typa way.

We planned trips with the same group after that, but I don’t think anything really felt the same as this one did – for reasons I have yet to really settle on, but that doesn’t really matter anyway.

Maybe the photos will help me get it across a little better.

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