Diaries of an Herbalism Student: Weeks 6-9


Time flies by so fast, doesn’t it? Somehow in the whirl of things, I’ve gone through multiple classes at the Self-Heal School of Herbal Studies and Healing, and I could not stress enough how much my perspective has changed in the past couple of months.

If you’ve been following along, I’ve taken this time in my life to dive head first into a deep sea of herbal magic. While I’ve always been curious and experimental with holistic and natural self-care, my passions have grown lately into sharing this knowledge with as many people as I can. It’s a learning journey both for myself, as well as others and I find comfort in the fact that there is a beautiful student-teacher relationship in which the teacher educates the student, and in turn of most cases, the student becomes the teacher.

My First Clinic Visit

This month, after completing two courses: Therapeutic Applications of Herbs and Herbal Fundamentals, I have a newfound love and relationship that I’ve planted. This relationship is sprouting, and I can wait to watch it unfold like I love watching the fast forwarded time lapses in Planet Earth. (Especially the mushroom ones, those are super cute!)

While I’m very much diving into the world of the woo-woo, it’s interesting to see the different sides of my life begin to divide. Full time, I work for a local publication, where my full time job is completely digital and online. As a social media marketer & web designer, my job is the sole opposite of the natural world. So while I’m balancing my every day life as an imperfect human being (hello in-n-out), I can also begin to analyze the way that I feel when I do create space to connect to the natural self by really taking action for both my health and my holistic wellness practices.

Just a couple weeks ago I had my first visit to the Self-Heal School clinic. Herbalists need healing too! Here, the clinical students are able to offer personal consultations as well as administering herbs for described ailments and problems of both the physical and emotional. My personal, and most prevalent problem was my relationship with my respiratory system. If you know any one thing about me – it’s that I have always had a permanent case of the sniffles. Whether it be allergies or my poor immune system, I’ve usually got a tissue box near and dear.

Now, two other clinical students sat in on my consultation with my herbalist, so it was like I had three people giving me undivided attention as I described my personal ailments. An hour, a month’s worth of herbs, and a bottle of tincture later, I’m so grateful that I took the time to partake. My respiratory healing journey is just beginning – and so far, so good.

Healing the Respiratory

At this time, I’m currently in Holistic Nutrition and Herbal Preparations. One thing of which that has been brought to my attention is the concept of Mucus-Forming Foods. If you’ve got respiratory problems like me – I definitely suggest cutting foods like these, OUT. This includes dairy (beloved cheese), red meats, even eggs! I’ll be doing a post soon once I dive deep into my letting-go journey. But until I’ve committed for a decent amount of time, I won’t be recommending anything to try.

All in all, through this transformation of mind and embarking on my own personal healing journey – I cannot wait to transcend into the world that may put me in a cosmic position to guide your healing journey! I’m geeking out just thinking about becoming an ~official~ clinical herbalist. I’ll be diving into my pre-clinical soon, and I couldn’t be more excited to progress further.

Questions about my journey? Questions about the school?

Anything at all, just ask.

Love & light, xo

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