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communal coffee native poppy san diego north park

Finally, I was reunited with three of my best girlfriends. Soon half of us will be moving (and returning) to some new and different scenery – so we had to spend the entire day together before they leave! Born and raised in beautiful this city of ours – we’re accustomed to new restaurants, stores, cafes, and coffee shops constantly popping up in the San Diego scene. On this day, we decided amongst boozy brunch, farmer’s market fun, and a swanky speakeasy, to also visit Communal Coffee.

Opened just earlier this year, Communal Coffee is one of North Park’s latest spots to get some work done, catch up with friends, and a enjoy a quality espresso (death before decaf)! Entrepreneur, craft, and tastemaker Jen Byard graced this neighborhood with not only Communal Coffee but also creative craft hubs Maker’s Arcade, and Urban Craft Camp! I have yet to try out workshops and classes with them so keep your eyes open for some upcoming crafting!

Coffee, cacti, pastries, & flowers at Communal Coffee | North Park, San Diego

communal coffee native poppy san diego north park california

It’s honestly everything I’d ever want in a living space with great natural light, tons of plants and flowers, hip geometric, wood, and macrame decor! They’re the first local coffee spot in San Diego that serves San Francisco’s delicious Sightglass Coffee. It’s got a great aesthetic with their monochromatic meets organic theme. With accent walls and flowers all over the place, it’s seriously a treat just to be in such a cool space.

As soon as you walk in, it’s so visually stimulating, I literally wanted to look at (and buy!) everything. I decided to do my bank account a favor and settled with an americano and a snickerdoodle. It was soft. And perfect. Snickerdoodles are my favorite cookies, just in case anyone was wondering. My friends tried some of their sweeter drinks, the honey lavender latte and vanilla bean lattes. They’re really delicious – but a little on the sweeter side so not exactly my cup of coffee. My americano was smooth and robust – just how I like it. And it went perfectly with my snickerdoodle but I’m also pretty biased with snickerdoodles so I’m not the best person to ask.

communal coffee north park san diego native poppy

Native Poppy

To my surprise – Communal Coffee is really a hub that unifies two separate businesses: Communal Coffee and Native Poppy. They share a space and a counter top, which makes for some extra fun when you take a look around. Native Poppy is a floral design company, creating gorgeous arrangements with what they call, a “loose, organic style of arranging that mimics natures inherent unruliness, with a tailored and thoughtful composition.” I’m sold.

communal coffee north park san diego native poppy

We spent a good amount of time here, exploring the little retail nook, taking photos, and catching up until we’re separated again. I know I’ll definitely be back because I feel like theres so much I have yet to discover in that neat little space! Thanks Communal Coffee!

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