Finding Balance When Living Holistically in a Concrete World

how to live holistically in a concrete world

The funny thing that began happening to me when I started this blog was that I began to get a lot of similar questions regarding my lifestyle, who I was, and my perspective. My inbox and daily conversations with friends began to fill up with things like, “…So are you vegan?” “Do you meditate everyday?” “Is all your food organic?” “Do you hate leather?” “Are you against shaving?”

And while I’m processing and understanding why people would think this way – it became clear to me that there is a very specific stigma that has been formed around people who adopt holistic lifestyles. What I’m here to tell you is this –

I’m not vegan. I don’t meditate everyday. All my food isn’t organic. I don’t hate leather (but I also don’t really purchase it – the jacket in the above photo is vegan leather and also I feel bad most of the time because of the water consumption and practices used when “creating” leather), and no, I am not against shaving.

But that doesn’t mean that I am not open to these things. I respect holistic living and am on a personal journey within wellness because I, for myself, want to connect more closely with the Earth around us that truly provides. I also want to connect with myself and others, and I’ve found that my wellness journey has done exactly that. The common conceptions are all things amongst many others that people feel safe to assume about people who lead holistic lifestyles – and while many of them are true in some cases, they do not apply to everybody. And that is absolutely okay.

Finding Balance Between the Woo-Woo and the “Real World”

A little bit about me – I’m a Reiki Practitioner, soon to be Reiki Master come July (yay!) and I’m also a practicing herbalist. I am a member at a local yoga studio in my city, and I enjoy organic produce because it tastes better (I’ll leave that for another blog).  However – that is not all that I am. I am also a full time web designer and social media marketing strategist/consultant. These are two very different lifestyles on extreme sides on the imaginary “What Kind of Person Are You,” spectrum.

So you could only imagine my day to day – transitioning from meditating with plant spirits, to sitting at a computer screen coding the backend of a website to make it aesthetically pleasing. …And this wide spectrum is very common in a lot of different people. Maybe you love plants, you love yoga, you love raw foods – but maybe also you work in fashion and you love leather, you love fur. Maybe you’re a nurse in a hospital (that is primarily western medicine). Maybe you’re addicted to Amazon Prime (who isn’t?) and consume products aggressively.

Don’t let the pressure of the wellness/holistic lifestyle stigma discourage from the things you love. It’s okay to like different things, but when you adopt holistic practices, your perspective, worldly respect, compassion, and consciousness begin to change – and often for the better.

And guess what? Living within the spectrum allows you to understand others more deeply – because you have an idea or a sense of the perspectives that different kinds of people have. Empathetic knowledge can inspire compassion.

living holistically in san diego

Don’t Feel Guilty – It’s Not Your Fault

The only thing that needs to happen is this – when you dive into the “woo-woo,” spiritual side of your life – take a moment to be fully present, to be conscious, and to be respectful of whatever practice you embark upon. More often than not, you’re choosing to do this holistic thing because you’re seeking a change. And whether that change be a better mood, healthier body, or achieving transcendence, know this – the “real world” we live in is very concrete, very science based, very technologically heavy, and consumer driven. You don’t have to feel guilty about partaking in what’s around you – because it’s not your fault that it’s there.

Say you go to a Full Moon Ceremony and everyone is talking about how they are with Goddess, and you have no idea what the fuck that means. Don’t feel like you have to fake the funk to fit in because you know what they all really think? Anyone who has adopted a spiritual or holistic outlook is open to others who are willing to open their minds to any related practice. We embrace you. Learn all that you can and whether or not this style of perspective works for you or not – it’s totally your choice.

A key to helping you achieve balance – or at least some sanity when feeling like you’re stuck between two worlds? Self-care. Take some time out of your busy schedule to indulge in the abundance that your holistic practice offers. Take a bath in aromatic herbs, make yourself a soothing cup of tea. Do some yoga to activate your breathe, and practice meditation to clear your mind. Woooosaaaaahhhh. Everything is going to be okay.

Staying Conscious

When finding balance between living holistically and living in the concrete world – the only tool you need is this:


Conscious living is mindful living. Conscious living is present living. Conscious living is active living. As cliche as cliche can get: whatever you do, do it with passion. Live in the moment. And where ever you are/where ever you want to be on the “Who Am I,” spectrum – know that you are YOU. And apply consciousness and an open perspective to all that you do – whether it be healing yourself at home with crystals, or going shopping.

When you apply consciousness, you apply a perspective that offers respect and compassion – and while this may sway your decisions to certain types of choices (like not buying genetically modified produce or choosing to buy from eco-conscious clothing brands, hehe) know that you are safe. Hell, you already started a wellness journey anyway – and ask anyone who is far down this rabbit hole – if you love it, you won’t be able to stop.

So to the corporate granolas, the techy woo-woos, the fashion forward yogis, and anyone else in between, outside, and inside – it’s okay. Do what you want.

With lots of love, xx.

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